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American Web Systems will not divulge any information received from you to any third party, except as required by law or court order. We do not sell, rent or allow use by any third party of any information about you or your company, including your email address. From time to time you may receive a special offer from us regarding our products or other promotions. If you do not want to receive any solicitations from us, you may opt out by simply sending an email to opt-out@ameriwebs.com. We have no control over information provided by you to any parties to whom we link from this web site. If you are concerned about their privacy terms, please check carefully at the web site to which you are linked from our site. American Web Systems will not be responsible for any information you may give to a web site linked from our site, and by your use of this Web Site, you specifically release us from any obligation or liability to protect your information provided to any site you link to from our Web Site.
Should you choose to link to a third party from this site, you may be asked to furnish personal information. We are not provided any personal information you may furnish to any third party. If you have any questions about their privacy policy and procedure, please check for their respective privacy policy links. 
Our associate affiliations are only with known reputable companies, such as Network Solutions (Mcafee.com), Barnes & Noble.com, Verisign and Register.com. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the service you receive from one of our affiliates, please email us, outlining the problem. We value your business, and will do our best to intercede on your behalf.  If we receive too many complaints about an affiliate, they will be removed from our site, and special notice will be posted for viewing by all of our visitors and customers.
If you have questions or suggestions about any of our products, email our vice-president of consumer affairs. She will respond promptly to your comments and suggestions. 
If you have an affiliate program, and see some value in having your products listed on our site, please email our Affiliate Programs Manager.

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