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Biztracker Infinity Point of Sale

  "The Worlds Best Point of Sale Software!"

  • Now all one common Microsoft SQL Database in both POS and Multi-Store.

  • Full Redundancy on each POS Station. Your POS system will continue to work if your server or network goes down.

  • Works with Touch Screens, Programmable Keyboard, Standard PC's, and NCR Dynakey.

  • Credit Card Processing Included Free.

  • Barcode Printing Included Free.

  • Biztracker Windows Mobile Assistant® Wireless PDA Software allows you freedom to do inventory checks, sell to customers, receive inventory, add inventory and other functions in real time anywhere in your store.

  • Time Clock, Time In Attendance & Employee Scheduling Included Free

A Few Key Features - Choice of Selling Screens that can be customized by user. Easily accommodates Touch Screen, Programmable Keyboards, or Standard PC’s. Complete customer tracking, purchase history and Accounts Receivables built into software. OPOS standard for use with many POS Terminals and peripherals*. Built-in Maintenance Modules that automates features like Back-Up, File Maintenance, re-index data files. Complete Inventory Maintenance, Qty. on hand, on shelf, on order, on back order from vendor, on back order to customer, committed to kits, purchase history, sales history, cost averaging accounting of inventory. Prints customer mailing labels and allows mail merge from customer lists. Complete Barcode printing built into the software. Multi-Priced Items (Single, Six-Pack, Case) Mix and Match pricing. Over 100 reports built in to the software. Handheld PDT’s can be used to collect inventory data for cycle counts, receive inventory, create purchases orders as well as create customer orders.

Aldelo For Restaurants™

Restaurant software is the affordable, easy to use, feature rich, and multi-lingual restaurant point of sale and store management solution. It is extremely powerful and is flexible enough to handle even the most demanding restaurants!

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LiquorPOS, the Liquor Store Controller Boot up with LiquorPOS™, and you’ll experience total control – from maximizing sales to flawless accounting, from real-time inventory management and taxation data to air-tight security. Hundreds of beverage retailers worldwide have profited firsthand from the software designed specifically to meet their needs. You can, too!

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