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PCCharge Pro (formerly PC-Charge™) is an award-winning credit card software product that helps reduce fraud losses, saves the merchant time and money,and provides powerful features and performance at the point-of-sale. Whether you are a retail or direct marketing brick-and-mortar store, mail-order/ telephone order or e-store business, PCCharge Pro is a cost effective solution that will work for you!

Credit Card Processing Features:

Direct Internet Connectivity: Concord (Concord & Buypass Platforms)
Direct Internet Connectivity: First Data Corporation (CES Platform)
Additional Processor Certifications: Frame Relay: Paymentech (Tampa)
Supports @POS 3100 Card Swipe & Debit Pad

Accepts all major credit cards
Certified with the major credit card processors
Split dial authorization for Discover and American Express (selected processors)
Meets up to date compliance standards for Visa and MasterCard
Customer database with recurring and installment billing allows you to schedule payment processing according to your specific business requirements
Real time or batch transaction processing
Supports single or multi-user
Unlimited merchant numbers*
IP connectivity using SSL and dial functionality
Designed for stand-alone, client-server, or integrated solutions
Client Server software supports customer database capabilities, card readers, PIN pads and check readers
Robust and customizable reporting features
Fraud Protection Plus:

Exclusive MSV™ (Magnetic Strip Verification) validates the magnetic account information by matching the embossed account number
CVV2 reduces chargebacks by as much as 26%, verifying that the card values on the front match those on the back of the card
AVS (Address Verification Services) is an industry standard known for its effectiveness in reducing loss
User level password protection provides controlled permissions
Data file encryption allows you to encrypt and protect the consumer's credit card account numbers in the database
Compliant with California Senate Bill 930, ensuring "secure" receipts
All of our software is upgradeable so it won't become obsolete like credit card terminals do!

* The basic PCCharge Pro package includes the ability to add one merchant number. There may be a fee to add additional merchant numbers.



The Omni 3200 has become the industry's best-selling terminal. It's intuitive ATM-style user interface and integrated thermal printer make it the choice of merchants looking for a reliable payment terminal




VeriFone Omni 3600 is the portable payment terminal you've been waiting for. Packed with power and performance, the Omni 3600 delivers comprehensive payment, payment-related and non-payment capabili-ties for merchants on the move.

The stylish, fully integrated design includes a high-speed, graphics-capable thermal printer, triple-track magnetic-stripe card reader, primary smart card reader, three Security Access Modules (SAMs), large backlit graphical display, and an internal PINpad—all in a lightweight unit that fits in the palm of your hand.

Rebuilt trans units occasionally available. Email us for details.


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