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CHEXpedite™ Electronic Check Recovery
Gets You Your Money!

When your customer bounces a check, your bank forwards the returned check directly to Electronic Check Recovery. CHEXpedite™ enters the check into a database and re-submits it electronically via the ACH network. If the item bounces again, our processing center then calls the bank to verify funds before a third and final attempt to collect.

When the funds are collected and released, you receive 100% face value of the check paid twice monthly.

Your customer does not have to:

  • Bring you a money order or cashier's check.
  • Receive a threatening collection letter.
  • Answer an uncomfortable phone call.
  • Go through the embarrassment!

Our electronic collection process is much faster and more convenient than any other method available, and it will work on any bank in the U.S. and its territories.

And now with Electronic Check Recovery, collecting out-of-town checks has never been easier!

CHEXpedite™ Electronic Check Recovery is a Win-Win Situation!

Your customers will benefit, because bouncing a check is an embarrassing thing that no one likes to handle in person. Electronic Check Recovery handles it for them quietly. Electronic Check Recovery notifies your customer's bank of the ACH transaction and adds it to his or her statement.

Successful enterprises focus on their core business. Electronic Check Recovery solves your NSF problems so you can do just that. You can finally stop chasing down bad checks and concentrate on your business instead.

Electronic Check Recovery will provide signage that spells out a check writer's responsibility to honor his or her check. We provide all the materials you need to get the program started right away.

The CHEXpedite™ Electronic Check Recovery Advantage

  1. No limit on number of checks
  2. No long-term contracts to sign
  3. Eliminates high cost of guarantee services
  4. No special equipment needed
  5. Cost to you......FREE!

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