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Collect Your Money Electronically

When You Want It and How You Want It.

With this award winning software, you can electronically collect receivables, pay bills, handle phone/fax checks, and even do direct deposit for your employees!  We can provide your business with the methods and systems to streamline daily operations that will reduce expenses, increase cash flow, and manage business finances more effectively.

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ACH Electronic Transactions

With the push of a button, funds are electronically processed through the Federal Reserve System's ACH network.

  • Collect recurring and non-recurring payments.
  • Process checks over the phone, fax, mail and walk-ins!
  • Verify checks.
  • Make direct deposits for your employees and pay bills.
  • Process credit card payments, recurring and non-recurring
  • Collect NSF checks.

  • Get payments on time, every month! 
  • No more waiting for your money.
  • Eliminate credit card charges for you and your clients.
  • Expand customer base. 
  • More payment options = increased market share.
  • Collect funds from customers who have no credit cards.
  • Collect funds on late/delinquents accounts immediately.
  • Stop writing checks for bills and/or employee payroll.
  • Save bank charges on deposit and NSF fees.

We provide full training, service and continued support for all of our clients. We can help you get your money faster and more efficiently. 

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....On Time & On Budget!

Contact us today to see how we can help you increase cash flow, reduce expenses, and manage your finances more effectively. Complete Merchant Solutions to handle all your marketing needs.

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